Join us as we Witness the launch of the of the Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay in Japan. This marks the countdown tot the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games that were postponed last year due to the COVID pandemic.

After a brief opening ceremony on a football pitch inside the J-Village training complex, members of the  Japan  women’s football team began the torch’s 120-day journey through 859 locations, culminating in the opening ceremony at the Olympic stadium on 23 July.


Seiko Hashimoto, the head of the Games’ organising committee, said the start of the Olympic flame’s journey was a sign of hope. “For the past year, as the entire world went through a difficult period, the Olympic flame was kept alive quietly but powerfully,” she said at the opening ceremony, which was attended by a small number of dignitaries.


“The small flame did not lose hope, and just like the cherry blossom buds that are ready to bloom, it was waiting for this day.”

Click on the video to watch


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