As narrated by Founder, Musa Jian.

I loved singing and acting right from my childhood. I  wanted to take a course in at least one of them but unfortunately didn’t get a chance.
I came to Japan on 31 July 2000 for a music symposium at Kitakyushu. I found Japan very beautiful,well organized and full of humble people. In our hotel we were served a variety of good food but the Japanese rice and Miso soup captured my mind. It was an unforgettable experience and I actually composed a song about it after some time.
In 2010 my friend Kilamu Baswali from Uganda and I joined a Congolese rap group called ‘Ooze Out’. Ooze Out was headed by Space Kimps – real name Eric Kimpiob, son to former Congo president Yvon Kimpiob – ,  Demilo Ipalaka  – son to a politician too –  and Cris Mwenda, a son to a Congolese Ambassador to Japan. We started performing with them around Japan in clubs mostly and composed a few songs with them including Saturday Night, Money, Obulamu and more.
Space Kimps was a good rapper and entertainer but wasn’t so serious with music so Kilamu and I decided to separate and form our own group. In 2013 we started Misoshiru Family band.
Our Japanese fans nicknamed us Misoshiru because of the song we compoesd from the great miso soup, so we decided to name our band Misoshiru Family.          

Misoshiru family

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